Daniel Anderson

Cleveland, OH 44149 · (440) 897-1280 · Danieljanderson0616@gmail.com

I have a Bachelor's degree in Mass Media Production. I specialized in video editing. In 2017 I decided to get into Software development. Video editing prepared me for software development in a way that no other degree would. It helped develop my attention to detail along with the patience to stare at a problem until you figure it out. Video editing and software development require you to have the ability to plan your project out instead of just jumping right in.

• Experienced with complex technical problem-solving
• Aim to create customer and user-focused solutions
• Always seeking to enhance processes with solutions for efficiency and increased productivity or effectiveness.
• Keen interest to explore development languages, automation technologies, and testing strategies.

Professional Experience

Software Development Intern

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Created and designed a statistical dashboard utilizing PHP, SQL, CSS, and JavaScript. I Developed and tested security plans and communicated and demonstrated those to the development team. I was exposed to legacy code through various projects, taking the initiative to spend time understanding it. Problem solved step by step to get an app to print nametags wirelessly, gaining an understanding of cloud printing, and presented a couple of potential solutions


Software Development Apprentice


Participated in pair programming and observed the senior level developer’s process for problem-solving a complex issue. Worked with Software Engineering Coach to develop a career development roadmap. Introduced to IoT and full-stack mobile app development from beginning to end. Exposed to TDD and Continuous Integration / Deployment techniques.

2018 - 2019

Volunteer Experience

Technical Volunteer


Cleveland GiveCamp is a weekend in July where professional software developers, designers, project managers, and many other technical positions come together and create websites or apps for non-profits in the greater North Eastern Ohio.

In 2019 I helped create a website using Wordpress for an organization called Fairmount Center for the Arts. Before GiveCamp Fairmount didn't have a website that could be displayed on mobile devices and the site was missing integration of an easy way to make donations. We created a new website for them. I figured out how to customize the footer with custom CSS to add a donate button to the footer of their website..

View Fairmount's redesigned website here

Technical Volunteer


One of the nonprofits I helped in 2018 was Engage Cleveland. Engage Cleveland is a nonprofit whose mission is to reach and keep young professionals in the Cleveland area. The project migrated from Wordpress to Squarespace. I quickly learned the ins and outs of Squarespace and started teaching my group how to use it.

Bounce Innovation Hub is the other non-profit I was able to work with. Bounce is a nonprofit that supports startups. I helped redesign their website along with pointing them in the direction of using CSS to make pictures responsive.

Engage Cleveland's website
Bounce Innovation's website


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Unit Testing
  • Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum


Cuyahoga Valley Career Center

Cuyahoga Valley Bootcamp

Certification of Completion

October 2017 - April 2018

The University of Akron

Bachelor of Science
Communication - Video Production

Minor: Computer Imaging

August 2010 - May 2012



An application that the user can manipulate a pets happiness, energy, and food intake. Can be used through command line or through the web Leveraged JavaScript, JQuery, Node.js, HTML, and CSS


Scheduling App

An application that allows the user to schedule their own hair appointments. Used Bootstrap, JQuery , Node.js, Mocha.js, Supertest, Mongoose.js, MongoDB, Heroku, Materialize.js